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Welding and Fabrication

A massive part of what we do is welding and fabrication. obviously building trailers requires a very high standard and as a natural spin off we get asked to design and build all sorts of things! We can weld all different metals, from mild steel to stainless, aluminium to magnesium.

Design and build projects

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Steel and Stainless

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From our background in motorsport and building trailers we have a variety of welding equipment, so we are not limited to the size and thickness of the materials we can use. In fact we have designed and built such an array of things lately it always keeps us on our toes! Even if your requirement is a simple repair please dont be afraid to ask. Underneath our dark masks we are actually very approachable.


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Tig welding alloys is most definately a personal favourite. Despite my habit of over engineering things (although they never break) welding with aluminium or magnesium is always fun and can be very challenging! Again whatever your requirement I feel sure we will be able to accomodate you.

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