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Trailers and Transporters

Our trailers are supplied externally finished to a high standard, to carry five to six cars or a combination of cars and kit. With a background in motorsport we understand that trailers evolve over time to suit the individual needs of the team. We will fit out the inside to an agreed specification if required.

New Transporters

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We have designed a new range of three trailer for 2016. Firstly a basic double deck transporter which will carry five cars and incorporate a workshop and tool chest area over the swan neck. The second is the same spec but fully skirted for motorsport use. The third trailer will carry four cars but has a seperate office area with a modern layout, table, seating and an area for data. We have standardised design as much as possible to keep the trailers at a competitive price.


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We have completed many conversions over the years using a variety of doner trailers or rigids. This is a very cost effective way of having a nice looking trailer and a much greater impact in the paddock. Prospective clients may well look at the teams presentation as much as performance when choosing their drive. A well thought out truck is a key to the smooth running of a race weekend.

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